Version 4.1 (Beta) release

Version 4.1 has been posted in beta form for testing. Some new features were implemented that need to be tested. Please give this a try and let me know if you encounter any problems.

You can download the pre-release code from:


New Features:

Scrollbars for the ZedGraphControl
see IsShowHScrollBar, IsShowVScrollBar
ScrollMinX & ScrollMaxX control the X bounds
ScrollMinY & ScrollMaxY control the Y bounds

Panning (dragging the graph via the middle mouse button or shift-left-mouse button) can be enabled/disabled separately for the X/Y directions. See IsEnableHPan and IsEnableVPan.

NumDec and NumDecAuto have been removed in favor of an actual format string for the scale value labels. Set ScaleFormat to control the label. For example, "f3" is a fixed format with 3 decimal places, "n2" is 2 decimal places with thousands separators, "c2" is a currency format with 2 decimal places, etc. See double.ToString() for the numeric formats.

Zoom via the mousewheel

Subscription event for managing the context menu
see ContextMenuBuilder

Subscription event for zoom/pan notification
see ZoomEvent

Various bug fixes

Posted by John Champion 2005-05-14

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