Version 4.0 Released

ZedGraph version 4.0 was released on March 19, 2005. This new version includes lots of new stuff, and a few bug fixes. It is highly recommended for all ZedGraph users. New features include:

Added LineType to GraphPane to allow stacked lines, area shading between curves, etc.
Major improvements to the web control, exposing much more of the interface to the html code
Add Serialization capability
Add Pie Charts
Add MasterPane and PaneBase to facilitate multiple graphs
ZedGraphControl GUI improvements: zooming, panning, tool tips
Add Axis.BaseTic, Axis.Cross, Axis.IsPreventLabelOverlap, and GraphPane.IsBoundedRanges properties
New Demo project shows wide variety of graphs in a tabbed control.
Various other bug fixes and additions.

The samples pages on sourceforge have also been updated, complete with sourcecode for each sample:


Posted by John Champion 2005-03-19

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