Auto scaling a bar chart

  • tfjield

    tfjield - 2006-09-22

    Hi, I have a bar chart in one pane that is linked to a scatter chart in a different pane. I'm using IsSynchronizeXAxes = true to keep the x axes of the two charts lined up.

    When I zoom into the scatter chart, the bar chart correctly updates it's x-axis to keep alignment with the scatter chart.

    However, I would like to autoscale the y-axis of the bar chart after each zoom. I've played around with it, but it seems like the y-axis auto scaling uses the max value of the BarItem list, rather than just the bars that are visible.

    Is this correct? What do I need to do to cause the bar chart to autoscale it's y-axis for only the data that is visible after the x-axis updates?


    • John Champion

      John Champion - 2006-09-22

      Try GraphPane.IsBoundedRanges = true;

      This will limit the "scope" of the autoscaling to the visible range of data.

      • tfjield

        tfjield - 2006-09-22

        John, that worked awesomely! Thank you for the quick reply and the excellent charting package.

  • Reef

    Reef - 2012-08-13

    I have the same problem. Can anyone help?

  • Reef

    Reef - 2012-08-13

    sorry.. found through search.. and havent seen replies... tnx to community for
    great job.


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