• Aaron

    Aaron - 2005-05-06

    Im a little bit confused as to what you are able to do under the LGNU licence. Say i'm building a web page which based on data entered by users a web page is built to show them there results. imbeded in this page, say i put graphs generated by this library. The input page is a sold service and the reports are part of it. Would i be able to use this library since the overal page being sold needs to be copyrighted. Also if I am able to use it what kind of recognition needs to be given, as in the report itself there wouldn't be able to be links to the code as these reports would be printed out and used by the clients of the Page.

    Thanks in advance

    • John Champion

      John Champion - 2005-05-06

      I'm not a lawyer, but here's my interpretation.

      1) The ZedGraph code is copyrighted under LGPL, however, the graphs that it produces are not. Just like MS Word can't hold a copyright on the reports that you produce with it.

      2) You are not distributing the library, so you don't need to distribute the code either.

      3) While recognition of ZedGraph is appreciated, it is not a requirement (I also very much appreciate just seeing it in action, if you can send me a link).

      4) And finally, the LGPL license does allow you to use ZedGraph alongside commercial software (a work that uses the library).

      So, overall I don't think there's any problem with what you want to do.

      • Aaron

        Aaron - 2005-05-07

        Thanks John for you reply. Realy appreciate your help. If i decide use it in the page i'll send you a sample of the reports that are generated.


      • Aaron

        Aaron - 2005-05-16

        Hey again,

        Have another question, say in the future the software that produces the reports was wanting to be sold to other companies for their own use, am i correct in my understanding that the source code for the library would have to be distributed with software being sold but not the code for the software as it is only linking to the library.
        Sorry for all the hassel, point 5 of the lgpl licence is just confusing me a little.

        Thanks again


        • John Champion

          John Champion - 2005-05-16

          I think this is the key part:

          "A program that contains no derivative of any portion of the Library, but is designed to work with the Library by being compiled or linked with it, is called a "work that uses the Library". Such a work, in isolation, is not a derivative work of the Library, and therefore falls outside the scope of this License."

          So long as your program is just linking to the ZedGraph dll, then it is just a "work that uses the library." In this case, you can distribute the zedgraph.dll file with your distribution, and provide some sort of link in your distribution that tells people where they can download the source code ( is fine).


  • Alvaro Geovany Ramírez Uribe

    I have the same question?


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