Contribute a lot of code, John?

  • Wayne Walter

    Wayne Walter - 2009-12-12

    John Champion,

    Can I contribute a bunch of code to ZedGraph. Specifically, I needed ZedGraph
    to be extremely high performance for handling very large amount of data like
    millions of objects. Plus needed it to operated extremely efficiently for real

    So I highly optimized ZedGraph for all the curves, and objects. Basically, I
    optimized how it uses GDI and specifically made it only draw objects that will
    fit in the the chart.

    So it scrolls and zooms now extremely efficiently even if I have many millions
    of objects on the chart. Plus it users nearly zero CPU when it's running in
    real time as slower speeds for tracking financial charts.

    I fixed a few defects also.

    If you would like the code contributed back, please advise on how to do so so
    you can review, etc.

    By the way, I moved from CVS to Subversion since it operates so much better,
    and then moved on to Git since it is some much faster and easier for merging
    and reviewing code submitted to my system.

    So if it's too much trouble for you than I will just put a fork of ZedGraph
    with higher performance on GitHub. Anyway, I recommned moving to Git on GitHub
    anyway, sincely, wayne.

    If you want me to merge it in and resolve conflicts, I can but I would do it
    with Git since it's sooooo much easier and more automated.



  • Anonymous - 2009-12-12

    Hi Wayne,

    Can I have access to your version of ZedGraph code before all the merging and

    Best Regards,

    Cetin Sert

  • HPJE

    HPJE - 2010-08-02

    Any news on what's happening with this integration project?

    I'm hoping that something does happen as I'm beginning to see slow-downs
    because of increasing number of data points, so I would be most interested in

    If anybody has any information, let me know.


    -Hans Peter

  • Dominik F.

    Dominik F. - 2010-10-13


    I'm also very interested in these improvements.

    Does anybody know, how to get it?

    @tickzoom: it would be nice, if you would contact me or reply here.



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