#64 Add sequence number to each word in category


Please add a sequence number to each word in a
category. I'm working through a book of characters,
where the sequence that they present them is
significant for learning by building on what came
before, etc. Once I enter a number of characters, the
ordering gets off somehow. Perhaps I click on sort by
pinyin or something.

Adding this new field, which could be auto filled
when creating entries (would always be the largest
current entry + 1) will allow sorting by this

Also, allow editing of the sequence number, but don't
allow saving until there are no duplicates (IMO).
This allows adjusting the ordering by inserting
characters that were missed, etc.

To get fancy, you could auto renumber every character
whenever a sequence number was changed. For example,
if I had characters 1-5 and I added a 6th. Then, when
I went and edited the 6th (most recent) entry to be
sequence #3, it would automatically "push down" all
subsequent numbers (so original 3-5 would become 4-6).

That would be a good use of the computer doing the
repetitive work, and would make the use of sequencing
easy for people.


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