#104 Allow Move of entries between categories

Any Next Release

To copy an entry from one category to another by Drag and Drop has been implemented in FR 1486493,

Suggestion: Allow to user to choose between 'move' and 'copy'.
On Windows systems this is often done with CTRL and SHIFT. When dragging and drop while SHIFT is pressed, the file or item is moved.
When pressing CTRL, the item is copied.
When neither is pressed, the default action is executed (mostly copy).

Purpose: most Windows programs support this. Moving happens perhaps more often than copying, since there is usually no need for flashcard to be in two categories.
Since the user can already do this by simply Copy, then Delete, and because this is not core-functionality regarding studying, priority is set to 3.

1486493 - (see https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&atid=726931&aid=1486493&group_id=133341\)


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