#152 click column header: pinyin in default, NOT-pinyin font

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In Editor view (the flashcard list), when one of the columnheaders (e.g. pinyin) is clicked, not only is the column sorted, but the pinyin is shown in the default font, rather than the configured pinyin font.

1. ZDT default settings. (If not: Select in Preferences\Fonts 'Restore Defaults' and restart ZDT twice)
2. In Categories, double click one of the categories. The list of entries appears. (We tested with the default available category 'frequent 1-100')
3. Configure in Preferences\Fonts for pinyin: Arial, Regular, 14, Western. -> The pinyin font nicely changes immediately in the list (the editor). Click on the column header 'pinyin' (sometimes twice) and all the pinyin changes back to the previous font.
4. Right click on the tab with the name of the category ('frequent 1-100') and select 'New editor' and a second tab with the same list opens with pinyin in the NEW font.
5. Click again the column header (in the new tab), and it changes back to the OLD font.

This problem is cosmetic and disappears after the category has been opened for in the Editor window for the second time. Clicking the column heading again, will introduce the problem again until.

-> The font is correctly shown in the Flashcard Test mode (usually after ZDT is restarted at least once since a font pref change - see other bug for reason to restart ZDT).


  • kaya

    kaya - 2014-05-02

    I'm able to reproduce.

  • kaya

    kaya - 2014-05-03

    Bug is fixed in the upcoming version (probably 1.0.2).

  • kaya

    kaya - 2014-05-03
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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