#145 0.9.0b2 Flashcard bug: Keyboard shortcuts

Swim Frog

When using the definition test mode, after having modified the default value of 4 answers shown on the screen to a higher number, the keyboard keys 1-4 are only functional, not any higher keys.

To reproduce:

1) Preferences, Flashcards, Definition Test. Change "Number of definition choices" from 4 to 8
2) Begin a new flashcard session, use Definition Test mode.
3) Press "5" on the keypad. Nothing happens, but the 5th answer should be selected.


  • Michael van den Berg

    This problem indeed happens as described with v0.9.0b2 (2nd fix) (tested on Windows 7 and Java Version 6 Update 27 (build 1.6.0_27-b07).)

  • Michael van den Berg

    • assigned_to: bogleg20 --> kaya001
    • priority: 5 --> 6
    • milestone: --> v0.9.0b2
    • status: open --> pending-duplicate
  • Michael van den Berg

    • status: pending-duplicate --> pending-accepted
  • kaya

    kaya - 2014-05-02

    I remember to have looked into this. The shortcut keys 1-4 are hard coded which explains why more options did not work. I fixed this but sometimes the shortcut keys don't fire (not even 1-4). I'll integrate it in the next version though, probably v1.0.2.

  • kaya

    kaya - 2014-05-03

    The issue seems to be fixed. Shortcut keys trigger always as expected.

  • kaya

    kaya - 2014-05-03
    • status: pending-accepted --> closed-fixed

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