#124 Pinyin lu:e and nu:e aren't displayed properly

Core (39)

The tonemarks for these pinyin do not show up properly.


  • Michael van den Berg

    • Version: --> v1.0.2
    • Priority: 5 --> 3
  • Michael van den Berg

    略 略 lu:e4 plan; strategy; outline; summary; slightly; rather; to rob; to plunder; to summarize
    虐 虐 nu:e4 oppressive; tyrannical

    Interestingly, the accent is nicely placed on the 'e', but the u: is not displayed as an u with two dots on it.

    Although there are not many of these, it would be nice if this is fixed. It is core functionality to display pinyin correctly. Priority 3.

  • Michael van den Berg

    • assigned_to: bogleg --> Oliver Emery
  • Michael van den Berg

    Oliver, would you be able to look at this? There is a source file that has a complete list of all the pinyin possibilities. It should be added into there. But there was (if I recall correctly) a problem to distinguish between lu:4 and lu:e4 (or whatever the number is).

  • Anonymous - 2014-09-02

    I think I found the problem, but I am no good with regex. In ParserUtils.java, addToneMarksSinglePinyin(String pinyin) only checks the end of a string of pinyin for special characters. This explains why nu:4 displays correctly while nu:e4 does not.

  • Anonymous - 2014-09-05

    Fixed and uploaded. I am working on a completely overhauled version of ParserUtils.java to fix Bug #161 and optimization.

  • Michael van den Berg

    Retested both 虐 and 略:
    New Category, name 'Bug124', -> double click on it to open Flashcard Entries view -> add new entry.
    Add two entries: 虐 and 略. ZDT autofill adds pinyin nu:e4 and lu:e4. Pinyin displays correct in the Flashcards Entries view. in other field, including pinyin and OK.

    Fixed and verified. Bug may be closed. To be included with release v1.0.3

    Tested with: rebuild (by kaya) "Flashcard Plug-in version 1.0.3" and "zdt.jar" - replaced these files in respectively 'zdt\plugins\net.sourceforge.zdt.core_1.0.2' and 'zdt\' (supposedly up to build 1241).

  • Michael van den Berg

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Michael van den Berg

    Verified fix.


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