I am trying to get roaming to work with the zd1211rw driver included in Linux The hardware platform is ARM (Atmel AT91RM9200).

Initial association with an access point works perfectly every time.

When roaming to a new access point it never reassociates, so my ping session just stops.

To get my WLAN session active again, I have to go through the following sequence:

1) "ifconfig eth1 down"

2) "rmmod zd1211rw"

3) "insmod /lib/modules/zd1211rw"

4) "ifconfig eth1 up"

5) "iwconfig eth1 essid tp5600test"

Immediately association succeeds and I get the following message:

"SoftMAC: Open Authentication completed with 00:14:6c:f5:b2:e4"

The problem can be easily reproduced by changing channels (by at least 2 channels to avoid channel overlap) on your accesspoint while the Linux system is associated with it.

Why does the WLAN not roam automatically, without having to reinitialize everything?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks and best regards

Tom Hunter

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