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Z Batch Helper on Sourceforge

Windows Media Encoder 9 Must be installed on your machine. The download for it can be found here: http://download.microsoft.com/download/8/1/f/81f9402f-efdd-439d-b2a4-089563199d47/WMEncoder.exe
I'm glad to say that Z Batch Helper is online with the help of SourceForge.net. If you have a Zune, or even know somebody with a Zune, have them try this program. It's completely free and is made with open source software. It works better then most, and in my opinion all other Zune, software. It is easy to use so even a novice computer user can handle it. It does batching so you can just setup and let it run. It is still in beta, but it's still a fully functional program.

Posted by Cyberpatriot 2007-01-03