#26 Show orientation information for QR-codes and 1D barcodes


This patch is for the 0.10 release, it displays orientation information for each read barcode.
This patch is mainly based on patch 2913094 but adds additional support for QR-codes.
Also did some minor changes and cleanup on patch 2913094.

Sample output after applying this patch
zbarimg -o /tmp/testimg.tif
CODE-39:TEST4711 (LR)
CODE-39:TEST0815 (UD)
CODE-39:TEST5678 (DU)
QR-Code:TEST4711 (LR)
QR-Code:TEST0815 (UD)
QR-Code:TEST1234 (RL)
QR-Code:TEST5678 (DU)
scanned 8 barcode symbols from 8 images


  • spadix

    spadix - 2011-12-01
    • assigned_to: nobody --> spadix
    • status: open --> pending-rejected
  • spadix

    spadix - 2011-12-01

    Thank you for submitting a patch! Unfortunately, I am a little confused... As documented with the referenced patch (2913094), this feature was already added with hg rev 8a2adcb58aa8‽

    Also, as discussed previously, we do not accept changes to the command line programs that just add switches for alternate fixed display formats. All of the symbol information (including orientation) is available in the XML output, which is much more scalable.

    What *is* needed and would be a great contribution, is a user specified format string (similar to date, GNU time, BSD ps, etc). If you are interested in working on that, please post a proposal to the discussion forum first.

    • gorsk

      gorsk - 2014-08-21

      All of the symbol information (including orientation) is available in the XML output, which is much more scalable.

      how is it available in the xml output?
      i try this:
      zbarcam -v --xml -S*.position>file.txt
      and just an index number and the decoded text show up.

  • Richard

    Richard - 2012-08-25

    I was just going to request these same features in a feature request but I decided to look here instead! Kudos sauttefk!

    Spadix, I would request that you reconsider including this functionality. While XML may be 'scalable', I don't prefer to sacrifice simplicity for scalability. Fortunately there is open source where we can have the best of both worlds. Since there is no -release version yet, I will implement this patch over (2913094) with maybe a slight modification to make the orientation output field 3 (using the colons) and with numeric output.


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