Porting to ARM microcontroller

  • devcal

    devcal - 2014-05-12

    I know that its an old thread, but I will try.
    I have ported the code for decoding (code128, code39, ean and i25) in an ARM microcontroller and works great.
    Now I was trying to implement the QR-Codes and find some problems.
    The function "qr_code_data_list_extract_text" in the file "qrdectxt.c" uses the library libiconv witch is not implemented in my compiler codesourcery(GNU GCC).
    Does someone have any idea how can I implement this routines (in c) so that the code works?
    Is there a work around?
    sorry about my English.


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    • robinluo

      robinluo - 2015-09-23

      i want to use zbar lib for the DSP system ,but when i complie,i find qrcodedatalistextracttext function cannot be bulidded.my questions is ,could i delete the libiconv ? how to do it? my e-mail :17092503713l@gmail.com
      best wishes,
      robin luo


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