klo - 2013-12-16


First thanks for making this easy to use tool, and allowing others to use it.
Nevertheless I have a small problem:

I have an image with 5 EAN13 barcodes and one CODE128 barcode. I read the image through PIL and run scanner as in wiki example. Then I plot the symbol.location points through matplotlib and notice that all barcodes in the image are recognized - i.e. I see left, middle and right boundary points on every barcode.

However when I iterate symbols (for symbol in image:) I get output only for CODE128 barcode and the first EAN13 barcode, but not the rest four. I thought to iterate over second symbol instance, but it doesn't output anything that way.

So in short I have two symbols objects from zbar.image instance. First one is single CODE128 barcode and the second one holds five EAN13 barcodes. How can I iterate through second one and extract all five barcodes?

Thanks in advance