infinte re-direct on sourceforge download...

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I am attempting to download the latest and I get an infinite redirect error from sourceforge?

    • spadix

      spadix - 2009-04-17

      yep, i'm seeing it too...   i opened a support case:

      thanks for reporting!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      had the same problem. note that the SVN is working. to get a copy of the trunk go to select
      'Code/SVN Browse' on the top menu (just to the right of Forum), select trunk and go to the bottom of the page. click the link
      'Download GNU tarball' to get a copy of the trunk. you can get releases by going to 'tags' instead of 'trunk' i guess.

    • spadix

      spadix - 2009-04-18

      as per the SF ticket, this should be resolved now (fwiw, i am able to download) - please advise if you still have difficulty


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