sai - 2013-12-31

I have written a Qtapp for gui frontend for zbar barcode reader and QR code reader. While crosscompiling the application I got this below error:
Undefined reference to QX11Info::display().
Qt source can be built in two modes:
At firt I have built Qt/embedded package, but I figured out that I need to build Qt/X11 to solve this error.
I have configured qt using below command:

./configure --prefix=$RPM_BUILD_DIR/../../rootfs/usr/local/Trolltech -arch arm -x11 -xplatform qws/linux-g++-mx -release \ -qt3support -R /home/<user>/ltib/ltib/rootfs/usr/lib -little-endian -host-little-endian -fontconfig -sm -v -opensource -confirm-license -qt-libpng -qt-libjpeg $XTRA_OPTS

then run make & make install

Now when I crosscompile my Qt application I get following error:

/home/<user>/ltib/ltib/rpm/BUILD/../../rootfs/usr/lib/ undefined reference to `QWidget::qwsEvent(QWSEvent*)'