how can I add information to the screen when zBar Scanner is running?

  • ferfery

    ferfery - 2013-06-11

    Could you please guide me how can I add some information on the screen(camera) while zBar Scanner is scanning qr the delegate how can I write a code that add some information on the camera, I dont want to dismiss the scanner once qr code detected but information about that qr code displays and when another qr code detected those information update again(something like AR).

  • QRU

    QRU - 2013-08-01

    I have never tried it but I believe its possible to setup the messages using an overlayView. The big diff is once you have a successful scan - instead of dismissing the picker/scanner, you keep it going. You will probably need to process the output (which you need to display) within a subtask to allow the subsequent scans (if at all) to work properly as well as setup another way - via button to stop the /picker/scanner. If you do try it please tell us if you are successful. The scanner is a subclass of Apple's image picker and it works for Apple, it should work as well for the scanner.


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