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  • BJugler

    BJugler - 2012-08-11

    First of all, thanks for all the time and effort that has gone into this, it is wonderful and very useful as is.

    There are other topics that mention this, but this is a single feature and would be tremendously useful, therefor I think it deserves its own discussion.  All of the other discussion seem to get derailed into sub topics when it seems like this feature by itself would be relatively simple to implement on its own.

    Specifically, there needs to be a URL Scheme like this zbar://scan?callback={data}

    This would allow any other app to launch the bar scanner, have ZBAR get the code and launch the rest of the URL specified in the custom URL.

    For example I would have my app, or web app launch this link:
    The scanner would open, and it would use its existing functionality to launch a link upon a scan, but instead of using a previously defined custom link, it would launch the link specified in my callback statement.

    It could/should use the exact same formatting for the strings to include in the link as it currently does in the custom links settings.

  • BJugler

    BJugler - 2012-08-11

    This would also allow other apps to launch zbar and tell zbar to return to the original app by using the custom URL scheme that said app uses.  (terrible wording, sorry)
    Example:  zbar://scan?callback=otherAppSchem://{data}
    Where they simply specify the URL Scheme that their app uses instead of \\\"http://\\\"

    My personal ultimate goal is to have a page with a link that launches ZBar - I then scan a code - and Zbar luanches the URL that I define in the link that I put in the page.  I can essentially add a barcode scanner to a web app that I\\\'ve already developed instantly.  It just makes sense that if anybody is going to bother to do that, they might as well leave it flexible to the point where it isn\\\'t presumed that the return result should be going to a web page.  By allowing the link (either by a web page or some other app) to specify the URL Scheme (like http:// or pic2shop:// or zbar:// or twitter:// or whatever://) it allows for total flexibility for whatever app or webpage invokes ZBar: to tell ZBar exactly what to do with the code once it scans it.

    ZBar should be launched through custom URL Scheme
    The URL should include a method of having ZBAR launch another URL exactly as it currently does with custom links.
    The only difference is that the URL launched is defined in the zbar:// URL that launched ZBar instead of in the existing custom links mechanism that ZBar currently has.  (not to imply that this existing functionality  should be done away with)


    As it has been mentioned, pic2shop has this exact functionality already, but it only does 2D barcodes, and doesn\\\'t seem to have a good mechanism for dumping the raw code data back into the URL (I\\\'ll handle the code from there myself, I just want the raw data sent to me).
    Details from pic2shop regarding how this feature can be utilized from other apps is here pic2shop.com/developers.html
    (although it is supported from websites, this particular documentation seems mostly targeted towards making other apps connect to pic2shop and there\\\'s only a subtle mention of it\\\'s use from a simple web page / web app)

    By adding this to ZBar, in my own opinion, it would effectively eliminate the need to actually develop most custom apps using the ZBar SDK when I can just launch the app from anywhere else, and have ZBar put me back where I want to be when its down.


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