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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Just downloaded and love it! I am using it to scan tapes in our environment. It works great for one barcode. When you need multiple barcodes it would be useful if:
    1. Information sent via e-mail be in csv or other table format, or at least have an option for that. maybe an attachment?
    2. When need to delete it would be great if I can delete multiple barcodes but not all of them.
    3. Would be cool to be able to search in the scanned barcodes, based on the part of the barcode, type, etc.

    Good job!!!

  • spadix

    spadix - 2010-01-31

    Thanks for the feedback!  We'll try to incorporate these in future revisions of the app.

    • Chibaxx

      Chibaxx - 2013-02-18

      Here in Italy every newspapers and magazines are coded with a sort of modified EAN-13 including a little five-digit code on the right side of the main code (just like the example below).
      Is it possible to read it properly and fully with ZBar iPhone app, maybe with some user setting that I'm not able to reach?
      It would be useful for thousands of newspapers sellers all over Italy, to quickly identify all magazines to be returned to publishers because expired, avoiding having to pay it as sold.
      Thanks in advance to all those who want to contribute with suggestions!
      Modified EAN-13

      • mat miller

        mat miller - 2013-04-02

        I think it's a standard EAN-13 with a 5-digit supplements. The 5-digit supplements is quite common in UPC barcode types. And it can be also used in EAN barcode types.So I do not think it is some big problem.

        Here is the link to the barcode supplement.

  • mariah

    mariah - 2013-11-25
    Post awaiting moderation.

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