Robert Wood - 2011-01-16

Any interest in a mode that would allow the number of balls required to
explode to be changed?  I did a quick proof of concept on the 1.0.0 source
tree and changing the number to 4 does make the game feel
different (haven't tried 5, that may be too much).  The changes aren't
properly integrated (just using a constant in a header file); I haven't
looked at what would be required to properly integrate a variable and
make changes to the configuration menu yet.  Would be happy to
send the changes up (just changed some of the static tests to loops).

A few other possibilities for more kid-friendly modes, based on
making the levels more friendly for my 4 year old grandson:

- A menu option to apply a scaling factor to the level speeds might
be interesting.  I slowed the starter level set down by manually
editing the level set file, but if there were a menu option to scale
all levels by different factors (< 1.0  for kids, possibly > 1.0 for
those who want more of a challenge), it would make it easier
to get a child started with slow modes, and then speed them
up as they gain coordination and understanding.

- A menu option to force kids mode no matter what
the level setting is.