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Zangband 2.7.4 released

Version 2.7.4 has now been released.

This version improves the borg, changes quests so that they are given in town, and makes the powers of objects, artifacts and ego items defined as lua scripts in the *_info.txt files.

Just a reminder, this is a version in an unstable branch. Don't expect the game to be as quite as bug free as 2.6.x was.

Posted by Steven Fuerst 2003-11-19

Zangband 2.7.3 released

Version 2.7.3 has now been released.

This version should fix the problems people have been seeing with an assertion failure in object2.c In addition, this version themes the dungeons so that behave differently. Explore the wilderness to find dungeons deeper, and with more treasure and monsters than that in the starting town.

Just a reminder, this is a version in an unstable branch. Don't expect the game to be as quite as bug free as 2.6.x was.

Posted by Steven Fuerst 2003-04-14

Zangband 2.7.2 released

Version 2.7.2 has now been released

This version adds a cut-down alpha port of Tim Bakers Tk patch. It also fixes a huge number of bugs in 2.7.1

This version is still in the 2.7.x unstable branch, so will not be as stable as 2.6.2 However, it has many more new features. See the changelog for more details.

Posted by Steven Fuerst 2002-12-22

Zangband 2.7.1 released

The next version in the new unstable development branch has now been released. This version fixes many bugs with the quests and the wilderness. The object code has been rewritten, and a borg has been ported from version 2.4.0

Posted by Steven Fuerst 2002-05-02

ZAngband 2.7.0 released

The first version in the new branch is released. This version changes the combat system to be simpler to understand, improves the wilderness code, and changes the quest code. There are now quests in the wilderness.

This version also adds scripting via lua, and updates the platform-specific code for several ports. (You may want to check out the gtk port - it is much improved.)

Posted by Steven Fuerst 2002-01-21

ZAngband 2.6.1

ZAngband 2.6.1 improves the quality of quest-rewards, corrects the prices for various services in the towns, and fixes many small bugs.

Posted by Robert Ruehlmann 2001-07-02

ZAngband 2.6.0

New features include an improved starting town, less annoying "eldritch horrors", improved monster kill-count, updated graphics and documentation as well as bugfixes.

Posted by Robert Ruehlmann 2001-06-05

ZAngband 2.5.6 released

The new version makes the wilderness less dangerous, improves the shops (expensive stores are rarer, shops will buy more stuff), adds casino, inn, and healer, fixes the problem with cursed quest rewards, adds a new line-of-sight calculation to prevent cheating, as well as many other improvements and bugfixes.

Posted by Robert Ruehlmann 2001-05-08

ZAngband 2.5.5 released

New features include about one hundred new store types (Jeweler, Clothes Store, Fletcher, Scroll Store, Ammo Supplies, Potion Store, ...), a 'monster list' term type, which displays a list of the monsters you can see, as well as many other enhancements and game balance tweaks.

Posted by Robert Ruehlmann 2001-04-09

ZAngband 2.5.4

The new version adds an improved pickup prompt, an easier starting town, and other features and bugfixes.

Posted by Robert Ruehlmann 2001-02-19

ZAngband 2.5.3

The new ZAngband development version adds random towns with new buildings, roads, lakes, large changes to how objects are created that should reduce the amount of "junk" you find in the dungeon, as well as many other new features.

Posted by Robert Ruehlmann 2001-02-05

ZAngband 2.5.2b released

This release fixes several bugs in ZAngband 2.5.2, adds some new room types, and makes some minor changes to game balance.

Posted by Robert Ruehlmann 2000-10-17

ZAngband 2.5.2 final released

ZAngband 2.5.2 adds monster lighting effects, completely rewritten code for traps allowing many new traps, support for big screens, as well as many other changes. The game has also been heavily optimized for better performance.

Posted by Robert Ruehlmann 2000-10-05

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