#665 Is Zangband a dead variant


There is currently a problem with zangband that
nobody has come up with a fix for. This is that there
is no development currently going on and also that
there is no response to people's request for
information about where zangband is going on the
angband newsgroup or on any maintained websites
(which haven;t been updated regularly for a long
time). Is this possible to get a solution on here?


  • Mikolaj Konarski

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    A pity, the random wilderness is a really nice feature and
    the O combat is a good choice. But all this needs much more
    work to get accepted and played again, I guess... Then more
    people will start contributing and perhaps somebody will
    even become a regular maintainer.

    I wonder if the Z theme or the not very seriuos flavour
    (joke monsters, etc.) is any problem for the people (it is
    for me, but not a critical one). OTOH, Z was the most
    popular variant for a long time, perhaps partly because of
    the Z monsters, etc. Did the spaghetti approach come out of
    fasion? Did the Zelazny prose come out of fasion? Would a
    Tolkenized version or a D&Dized version sell better? (A
    success of the Tolkenized FrazBand, which is unfortunately
    based on pre-O combat version 2.6.2 may shed some light on

    Anyway, good luck!

  • Mårten Woxberg

    Mårten Woxberg - 2007-03-24

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    I think Zangband died when Topi's new Magic system wasn't implemented and the code itself got to complicated for anyone but S Fuerst to change something.

  • Willem Siemelink

    • status: open --> closed-invalid

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