Don Higgins - 2007-10-28

Welcome to the z390 open source discussion forum.

This week I'm working on several fixes for PTF release v1.3.08b including the following:

  1. Add support for assembler directive ICTL which allows changing the default standard input format for assembler source. This has been requested to allow assembling all the sources for the Assembler G from the University of Waterloo which can be found on the SHARE SPLA archive tapes #593 here:

  1. Add new option on CMDPROC macro and svc to control handling of output messages from started tasks which can stall z390 if messages are allowed to queue up in memory without copying them to parent task log or retrieving them via CMDPROC READ commands by parent task.

  2. Corrections and additions to z390 VSAM support.

For more details on pending requests and planned releases visit:

Posts on all z390 related topics are welcome.

Don Higgins