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ysmICQ released!

Fixes problems that arised in the sending and receiving of ICQ messages due to a recent protocol change.

Posted by rad2k 2007-01-31

ysmICQ 2.9.9 - released today!

Fixes connection problems with the ICQ protocol.

check it out!

Posted by rad2k 2006-10-25


Fixes a recent change in the ICQ protocol made by AOL. Also fixed a problem introduced with 2.9.6 related to autoconf and ./configure.

Posted by rad2k 2006-02-12

ysm 2.9.7 - RELEASED!

Enjoy your 2006 with a new version of ysmICQ!

Posted by rad2k 2006-01-02

ysm 2.9.6 released

mostly bug fixes.
Support for configurable colors was added. Your favorite color may be chosen for message bodies, nicknames on status changes, and status on status changes. Slaves cycling using the TAB key was fixed, so the cycling is now done alphabetically. A fix was made for readline, so it now looks for inputrc in the default places. A fix was made for the COMMANDSFILE setting, since commands without arguments were being ignored. A crash on the "del" or "delete" command was fixed. Fixes were made for charsets using the getline library. More changes may be found in the ChangeLog file.

Posted by rad2k 2004-07-11

ysm 2.9.5 is ready!

ysm ICQ client 2.9.5 is ready to be downloaded!
lots of new features and fixes, get it now!

Posted by rad2k 2004-05-01

ysm 2.9.4 released today!

get it now!

Posted by rad2k 2004-04-02

ysm 2.9.3 is out!!

an outstanding release, check the changelog!

Posted by rad2k 2004-03-29

ysm 2.9.0 is OUT!

holy sh!t took me some time huh.

Posted by rad2k 2003-05-19

YSM 2.8.1 is OUT!

out in the wild!

Posted by rad2k 2002-10-27

ysm 2.8.1 is coming..

soon coming 2.8.1 and a new site design
everything new, everything new.

Posted by rad2k 2002-10-08

YSM 2.8.0 IS OUT!

yeah =)
no kidding
its out!

Posted by rad2k 2002-08-21

2.8 is coming...

yes..lots of changes..

the tales are true...2.8 exists..

and will come out with its own html manual soon.

what? yeah for free.

Posted by rad2k 2002-05-05

YSM 2.7.1 is OUT!

yep ;)

Posted by rad2k 2002-04-12

YSM 2.7.0 is OUT!

oh yeah :)

Posted by rad2k 2002-04-08

YSM 2.6.1 is out!

Major win32 fixes!

Posted by rad2k 2002-03-21

YSM 2.6 is out!

yep :)

Posted by rad2k 2002-03-18

Pre YSM 2.6 on the cvs

Theres a pre 2.6 on the cvs already
lots of changes include:
08th Mar 2002
+ New! Fixed newlines for carriage returns on messages and displays! (thanks Tobias B.!)
+ New! Using the config with MSG_KIND> you can select how to display your messages! Either ONELINE(0), VERBOSE(1) or IRC(2)!! Still default is IRC. (Thanks Tobias B.!)
+ New! the Default Message text color is now defined in YSM.h under the COLOR_MSGTEXT constant! (Thanks Tobias B.!)
+ New way of displaying incoming messages applied. (Thanks Tobias B.!) ... read more

Posted by rad2k 2002-03-08

YSM 2.5 -out!-

fully :)

Posted by rad2k 2002-02-25

YSM official IRC channel


Posted by rad2k 2002-02-23

2.4.2 OUT!


Posted by rad2k 2002-02-20

YSM 2.4.1 outtttttttt in the wild!

whats new? bug fixes and new auto-idletime afk mode

Posted by rad2k 2002-02-19

YSM 2.4 released!

I've released YSM 2.4! lots of changes
and enhancements! read the CHANGELOG!

Posted by rad2k 2002-02-18

YSM 2.3 is out!

YSM 2.3 is out for you to grab it asap!

Posted by rad2k 2002-02-11

YSM CVS Mailing List!

I've configured as the doc's said syncmail in order to generate a mail
for any CVS changes rcpt to our new ysmv7-cvs mailing list!
any 'ysmv7' module changes are sent to the list and 'CVSROOT' are
now sent to me. :)



Posted by rad2k 2002-02-08