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yplot-1.1.1 released

yplot-1.1.1 has been released as a tarball at

Since the previous release (1.1.0), I have introduced some changes to make yplot build on solaris and also work with yorick-1.5 (1.1.0 only works with yorick-1.4). So the majority of yplot users (all 200 of you as judged from the downloads) have no need to upgrade. However, those who want to try to build it on solaris and/or with yorick-1.5 should use the new version.

The testing of these changes has been minimal. I have two good solaris build reports (one my own), and two good reports of a build with yorick-1.5 (one for RedHat 7.2, and one, my own, with Debian woody).

Posted by Alan W. Irwin 2001-11-17

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