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Read Me

|                                                                            |
|  PLEASE NOTE!!                                                             |
|                                                                            |
|  Youtube2mp3 is no longer actively maintained.  It depends on an obsolete  |
|  widget toolkit (Qt 3.3) and a number of third-party media programs which  |
|  are prone to frequent breakage from version to version.                   |
|                                                                            |
|  I strongly encourage you to switch to a more current program for all      |
|  your video piracy and conversion needs.                                   |
|                                                                            |

Youtube2mp3 is a free audio/video downloader and converter.

It can convert YouTube, Google Video, DVDs, and local media files to MP3,
Ogg Vorbis, Windows Media Video, and other popular formats.  It also
supports portable devices such as the Apple iPod and Sandisk Sansa View.

It has a simple, uncluttered interface that doesn't get in your way.
It runs on Windows and Unix-like systems, and the complete source code
is released under the GNU GPL.


Video sites:	See <>
		Most popular sites are supported, including YouTube,
		Google Video, Metacafe, Yahoo!, etc.  The list changes
		often; please see our homepage for more information.

Video players:	See <>
		Depending on conversion options, youtube2mp3 can create
		media files compatible with all popular players, including
		Windows Media Player and QuickTime.

Devices:	See <>
		The Apple iPod settings are compatible with many devices.

Browsers:	Optional toolbar buttons are available for Microsoft
		Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera browsers.

Platforms:	Youtube2mp3 is currently known to compile and run on
		Windows, Linux (x86_64-bmj-linux), and OpenBSD platforms.


The Qt library and Python are required to build youtube2mp3.
All others are runtime dependencies; youtube2mp3 will compile and
run without them, but it won't be particularly useful for anything.

Name:		Qt (3.3 or newer; NOT 4.x)
Status:		REQUIRED.
Description:	User interface toolkit.
Use(s):		The entire program.

Name:		Python (2.6 or newer)
Status:		REQUIRED.
Description:	Interpreted, object-oriented programming language.
Use(s):		Build system, youtube-dl (downloader), etc.

Name:		youtube-dl
Status:		Optional.
Description:	Video downloader for YouTube and other sites.
Use(s):		Downloading videos from YouTube and other sites.

Name:		MPlayer/MEncoder
Status:		REQUIRED.
Description:	Movie player and encoder.
Use(s):		Backend to virtually all video converters.

	 ->	Name:		libdvdcss
	 ->	Homepage:
	 ->	Status:		Optional.
	 ->	Description:	Video DVD playback library.
	 ->	Use(s):		Required for DVD ripper functionality.

Name:		Nero AAC Codec
Status:		Optional.
Description:	High quality AAC encoder.
Use(s):		Backend to AAC converter.

Name:		LAME
Status:		Optional.
Description:	An MP3 encoder.
Use(s):		Backend to MP3 converter.

Name:		OggEnc
Status:		Optional.
Description:	Ogg Vorbis reference encoder.
Use(s):		Backend to Ogg Vorbis encoder.

Name:		FFmpeg (0.5.x; newer versions will NOT work!)
Status:		Optional.
Description:	Video encoder.
Use(s):		Backend to portable devices, MPEG-4 encoders.

	 ->	Name:		x264
	 ->	Homepage:
	 ->	Status:		Optional.
	 ->	Description:	H.264 encoding library.
	 ->	Use(s):		Needed to support H.264 in FFmpeg.

	 ->	Name:		Xvid
	 ->	Homepage:
	 ->	Status:		Optional.
	 ->	Description:	MPEG-4 encoding library.
	 ->	Use(s):		Needed to support MPEG-4 part 2 in FFmpeg.

	 ->	Name:		FAAC
	 ->	Homepage:
	 ->	Status:		Optional.
	 ->	Description:	AAC encoding library.
	 ->	Use(s):		Needed to support AAC in FFmpeg.

Name:		fuzemux
Status:		Optional.
Description:	Sansa Fuze video muxer.
Use(s):		Required to support Sandisk Sansa Fuze.

Name:		TiMidity++
Status:		Optional.
Description:	Software MIDI player.
Use(s):		Required to support converting MIDI files.


Name:		MinGW/MSYS
Status:		REQUIRED.
Description:	Port of GNU development toolchain to Windows.
Use(s):		Required to build youtube2mp3.

Name:		Q.. (substitute for Qt)*
Status:		REQUIRED.
Description:	Unofficial Qt/Win ported from X11 version.
Use(s):		Substitute for Qt on Windows.

	 ->	A pre-compiled version (Qt-3.3.8-p8.exe) is
	 ->	available from our SourceForge project page.

Name:		NSIS
Status:		Optional.
Description:	Scriptable installation system.
Use(s):		Required to build Windows installer.


The build system assumes a UNIX shell environment.
Windows users, note that Visual C++ and Cygwin are NOT supported.

 1. Run `./' to configure the application.
 2. Run `make' to build the application.
 3. Run `make install' (as root) to install.

 1. Run `./' to configure the application.
 2. Run `export QTDIR=/c/mingw/Qt' so we can find the Q.. library.
 3. Run `make' to build the application.
 4. Run `make setup' to build the installer.

Note: Use `./ --help' to display all supported options.
The $DESTDIR variable is supported for packaging, e.g. Slackware.

Unless you specify a debug build (using ./ --enable-debug),
`make' will automatically strip the youtube2mp3 program binary.

Debug builds might contain some experimental features not yet ready
for public consumption.  These are enabled by defining the SHOWDEBUG
preprocessor macro.  They aren't usually that exciting, though.


Benjamin Johnson <>