ETNA Project


ETNA is a project of a federated social network (based on already developed open source software i.e. Buddycloud) for implementing participatory auditing on spending open data (budget, transactions and procurements) actually released by public entities and private companies. The aim is simplify, clean, enrich open data and make them understandable by all, by directly involving citizens, transparency offices and public project managers.

For more information, please see: ETNA Web Site

ETNA Scope

ETNA scope is to create real value from open data for citizens and for administrations, which can improve the quality of data released and be more effective in project management. ETNA is willing to reconnect citizens with the city and the city with citizens, by providing new services and giving them a platform where discuss about public projects. A secondary scope is creating neighborhood channels for make citizens discuss with other neighbors about local decisions to be taken. Technically speaking, ETNA wish to implement Participatory Auditing. For more information about Participatory Auditing, please take a look at 6th United Nations Global Forum on Reinventing Government report: "Auditing for Social Change. A Strategy for Citizen Engagement in Public Sector Accountability"

ETNA Infrastructure

[Buddycloud Infrastructure]
[ETNA Infrastructure]

ETNA UI Design

The project needs some customization in order to integrated open spending data. This is done by adding special pages to current buddycloud channels design.

While colors, fonts, layout can be personalized by means of CSS by the node administrator, some core functions are integral part of ETNA and cannot be modified, in order to have common functionality.

Core functions are explained in [UI Design] page.

User interface design may change on the version installed:
- [UI Design - Municipality Version]
- Private Company Version
- Public Entity Version

they may change as well depending on the localization selected:
- [UI Design - Italiano]

ETNA functions

[Data Import]
[Data Cleansing]
[Data Export]
[Financial Management Dashboard]
[Performance Management Dashboard]
[Portfolio Management Dashboard]
[Surveys Dashboard]

Open Data

In this chapter you can find Spending and Performance Open Data formats, guidelines, availability in different countries. Enabled functionalities and localizations will be determined by datasets availability, guideline conformance and quality.
[Open Data - UK]
[Open Data - Italia]

Transparency Level Index

In this chapter wou will find the measures to evaluate in order to the transparency level index of the organization under evaluation.
[Transparency Level Index]

Project Admins:


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