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Prototype 81 Released!

This fixes the login issues we first encountered back in Sepetember. Thanks to Dr. Lee for his patch that got us working again!

Posted by Jeffrey Fogel 2007-11-05

Prototype 77 released!


Posted by Vlad Zero 2007-03-09

Prototype 73 Released

Version "Prototype 75" changes:
+ Fixed YoSucker: Abnormal Yahoo Mail behavior (02)! Exiting - please retry...
+ Minor cosmetic issues

Posted by Jeffrey Fogel 2006-04-17

Prototype 73 Released

Version "Prototype 73" changes:
+ Fixed "Failed!!! Check your username and password!" error
+ Added FORCE3 option
+ Step 2 in login process now uses javascript redirect instead of header redirect

Posted by Jeffrey Fogel 2005-09-02

Prototype 71 Released

Version "Prototype 71" changes:
+ Fixes Abnormal Mail Behavior (01) with 1GB Yahoo

Thanks to lordsargon for alerting me to logon page changes

Posted by Jeffrey Fogel 2005-05-04

Prototype 69 Released

Version "Prototype 69" changes:
+ Fixes Abnormal Mail Behavior (02) with 1GB Yahoo

Thanks to RyanJ for submitting the issue

Posted by Jeffrey Fogel 2005-04-29

Prototype 67 Released

Version "Prototype 67" changes:
+ Minor fix for some users whose main page is in frames
+ Added Yahoo Business Mail patch from Dirk
+ Cleaned up sputnik.pm with perltidy to make it easier to read

There have been lots of changes to sputnik.pm because I used perltidy to clean up the code and make it easier to read. I recommend you use the whole source instead of patching.

You have been warned.... read more

Posted by Jeffrey Fogel 2005-03-01

Prototype 65 released!

Version "Prototype 65" changes:
+ Unread message flag now only changes flags on new messages
+ Minor fix for Fedora header-translation issue
+ New debug level 2 to assist users in tracking issues

Posted by Jeffrey Fogel 2004-12-28

Prototype 63 Released

Fixed unread message flag problem.

Posted by Jeffrey Fogel 2004-11-22

Prototype 61 Released

New version 61 is available!
+Fixes Login issues/Duplicate Cookies
+Fixes Abnormal Mail Behavior (03)
+Proper Pluralization of messages to grab

This release cleans up a few minor "uninitialized value" errors as well.

This is my first release, please let me know if you experience any issues.

-- jabetcha

Posted by Jeffrey Fogel 2004-11-10

Prototype 59 Released!!!

D O W N L O A D N O W!!!

Posted by Vlad Zero 2004-06-20

Prototype 57 Released!!!


Posted by Vlad Zero 2004-06-17

Prototype 55 Released!!!


Posted by Vlad Zero 2004-06-08

Prototype 53 Released!!!

Check it out!!!

Posted by Vlad Zero 2004-01-29

Prototype 51a fix released!

no details. see changelog, enjoy!

Posted by Vlad Zero 2003-11-21

Prototype 51 Released!!!

see release notes.

Posted by Vlad Zero 2003-11-19

Prototype 50c fix Released!!!

Yet another fix for you! DOWNLOAD!!!

Posted by Vlad Zero 2003-11-12

Prototype 50a fix Released!

what should I say more?!

Posted by Vlad Zero 2003-11-10

Prototype 50 Released!

Read release notes! DOWNLOAD!!!

Posted by Vlad Zero 2003-11-07

Prototype 43 released!

This version fixes a minor issue caused by a slightly modified YahooMail interface. It caused some From: headers to contain "Add to Address Book" string.

Posted by Vlad Zero 2003-10-21

Prototype 41 released!

This version fixes a marginal bug that can lead to a loss of messages! DOWNLOAD HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Posted by Vlad Zero 2003-10-03

Prototype 39 released!!!

Check out the ChangeLog for more details! Download!

Posted by Vlad Zero 2003-09-24

Prototype 37 released!!!

Adding new restore mail flags feature!

Posted by Vlad Zero 2003-08-13

Prototype 35 released!!!


Posted by Vlad Zero 2003-08-01

Prototype 33 released!!!

Download download download!!!

Posted by Vlad Zero 2003-07-02

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