#3 changing voice pages


When I click the left or right button to change the selected voice in the 'adsynth voice parameters' window, the button sometimes (not always) gets 'stuck' in the clicked position for a few seconds, and moves through all or several of the voices (often ending up at voice 1 or voice 8), instead of just one, as desired. This is very frustrating, and makes managing multiple adsynth voices fairly unmanageable.

I am running Yoshimi version 0.060.12. For what it's worth, I don't have the same issue with zynaddsubfx.


  • Jeremy Jongepier

    Thanks for reporting this issue. Thanks for the fwiw too, I'll diff the respective zasfx files with the yoshimi ones and see if anything useful comes out.


  • Jeremy Jongepier

    I have been unable to reproduce this bug and I have seen no reports on the Yoshimi mailinglist either. So I'm closing it.

  • Jeremy Jongepier

    • status: open --> closed
  • RobC

    RobC - 2013-02-05

    I mentioned this on the list but it was way back... it only shows up on my P4 and I assumed it was because the selector auto-repeats before the mouse-up gets received because it takes too long to redraw the UI. As a temporary fix I got it to (seem to) work by sleeping for 0.1s in the callback, and here's a regular patch:

    diff --git a/src/UI/ADnoteUI.fl b/src/UI/ADnoteUI.fl
    index e627c42..e5c61bf 100644
    --- a/src/UI/ADnoteUI.fl
    +++ b/src/UI/ADnoteUI.fl
    @@ -1206,6 +1206,7 @@ class ADnoteUI {: {public PresetsUI_, SynthHelper}
    Fl_Counter currentvoicecounter {
    label {Current Voice}
    callback {//
    + usleep(100000);
    nvoice = lrintf(o->value()) - 1;

  • RobC

    RobC - 2013-02-05

    eh, of course it gets the whitespace formatted out. Anyway you can see what to do, it's line 1209 in that file.


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