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new version 1.10 released

An overhaul of the code makes it mostly object-oriented. This allows a user to have multiple bots called from the same script. Also some partial config file usage has been implemented.

Would LOVE for developers to help out squashing bugs or implementing new features. Need to try to keep the code clean, even though there are a lot of neat features to be implemented.

Posted by Chucky Ellison 2002-03-12

"am i hot or not" spinoff for AIM infos

check out http://www.freefour.com/hotornot.php to see another example of what can be done with the info database. It is an "am i hot or not" clone for AIM infos.

Posted by Chucky Ellison 2002-01-22

looking for developers

I'm interested in other people working on this project. Please send me an e-mail if you're interested. ellisonch@yahoo.com

Posted by Chucky Ellison 2001-12-29