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yoDownet is available for Ubuntu/Debian

yoDownet the great downloader of the gerenation is available for Debian/Ubuntu/Mint or any other *.deb/Debian package based distro out there.

Of course it's not just a distributed deb file, but it's available on Launchpad and a PPA <3, awesome!

Here's the PPA:

To install yoDownet:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alir3z4/yodownet
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install yodownet... [read more](/p/yodownet/blog/2014/03/yodownet-is-available-for-ubuntudebian/)
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yoDownet is available for OS/2

A great news, I'm super excited to announce that yoDownet latest version has been packaged and is available for OS/2.

Many thanks to Elbert Pol to make this happen <3

You can get it from www.netlabs.org ftp:

Posted by Alireza Savand 2014-03-09 Labels: new-package

yoDownet version 2014.03.09 released

yoDownet version 2014.03.09 is out ;)

A serious funny bug fix for Content-Length=0 files plus new translation has been added, which is Czech.


* Fix #56: Crash when downloading from bitbucket.
* Add Czech translation.
* Little code cleanupinto.

Get yoDownet-2014.03.09 source now!

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yoDownet version 2014.02.23 released

yoDownet version 2014.02.23 is out ;)

In this release, Dutch translation has been added to project plus yoDownet has a new logo designed by Amir!!! who's amir? nobody knows yet.
Plus some cleanup on the project and more localization has been made.


* Feature #49: Remove yoMessage class.
* Feature #50: Remove PrefDataBaseWidget.
* Feature #51: Add new logo designed by Amir!!!.
* Update readme with pkgs, build sections.
* Fix #52: QUuid initialization error.
* Fix removing URL from mainwindow by UUID lookup.
* Add Dutch translation.... [read more](/p/yodownet/blog/2014/02/yodownet-version-20140223-released/)
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yoDownet version 2014.02.22.1 released

yoDownet version 2014.02.22.1 is out ;)

Here's a bug-fix release ;)


* Fix #47: File naming on redirect downloads.
* Set default download arguments on downloader engine.
* Resuming downloads by their UUID, URL, fileName attributes to prevent file name clash.

Get yoDownet-2014.02.22.1 source now!

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yoDownet version 2014.02.22 released

yoDownet version 2014.02.22 just released.

In this version is Qt4 compatible against compile/build/run/fly, the other new feature is handling HTTP redirects in the downloader engine.


* Feature #43: Qt4 backward compatibility.
* Fix #39: Handle HTTP redirect.
* Feature #36: Add a simple README file.

Get yoDownet-2014.02.22 source now!

Posted by Alireza Savand 2014-02-22 Labels: new-version

yoDownet version 2014.02.21 released

After almost 2 years of hacking around this small project, finally I made yoDownet to go database free.

This version does't come with new features but couple of bug-fixes and new translations. The main thing here is yoDownet doesn't require any database to save/load its download list. No SQL involved, damn SQL, die!

Also consider this is a really dirty version, you may experience scary bugs and crashes but hopefully you can run yoDownet from command line and watch its logger output which can help us a lot in tracing bugs and eventually fixing them.... read more

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yoDownet on Frugalware Linux

yoDownet Linux distro package is available on Frugalware Linux package repository.

Available builds

Posted by Alireza Savand 2013-02-18 Labels: linux-distro-pkg

Git repo moved to Github

Yesterday i've moved the source code git repository to github.
It's maybe just for testing for a while, and maybe i'll leave it there completely.

Posted by Alireza Savand 2012-09-20 Labels: git


  • People are always asking me if I know yoDownet.

There was a mistake that I've done about yoDownet, And it was about using database to keep some sort of details about downloads.
Database means schema, and schema means limit.

I'm thinking about using setting files to keep this stuff and I have to get ride of any database that speaks SQL or in another word RDBMS. Just look at [resource/sql][resource-sql]... read more

Posted by Alireza Savand 2012-08-18 Labels: note

yoDownet version 2012.05.11 released

yoDownet version 2012.05.11 released.

Just couple of minor changes which are mentioned in ChangeLog bellow ;)

But there is also an important change for build yoDownet that is there is no more need for extra Paths defining on qmake time anymore, it's reverted it to simple days ;).

Changes from ChangeLog - 2012-05-11
  • [task-#30-clean-installation][ticket-30]: make installation cleaner and more simple.
  • [task-#31-project-dir-restructure][ticket-31]: move dialogs to dialog dir ;)... read more
Posted by Alireza Savand 2012-05-11 Labels: new-release

yoDownet version 2012.05.07 released

yoDownet version 2012.05.07 released.

In this release cool feature added, such as messaging eco system, the messaging part is basic and simple now and just handle the core purpose messaging which is communicating with user in the direct way that i choose is better to be by System Tray Icon.

Changes from ChangeLog - 2012-05-07
  • [task-#28-messaging-ecosystem][ticket-28]: Implemented couple of class to handle messaging and communicating with user
  • [bug-#29-encoded-url-validation][ticket-29]: any standard URI will be valid now!... read more
Posted by Alireza Savand 2012-05-07 Labels: new-release bugfixes new-feature

yoDownet version 2012.04.29 released

yoDownet version 2012.04.29 released.

yoDownet, the downloader of the ages [released|is out] :D
But seriously i forgotten something about this downloader that is Url validation, So in this version Url validation is implemented ;)

Just Url Validation which is so so so so I don't know important.

Changes from ChangeLog - 2012-04-29
  • [task-#26-urls-validation][ticket-27]: Create a couple of class to validate the entered urls.
  • [task-#27-write-tests-for-UrlValidator-class][ticket-27]: UrlValidator class well-tested somehow, but maybe the testig way will changed in the future releases.... read more
Posted by Alireza Savand 2012-04-28 Labels: new-feature new-release

yoDownet version 2012.04.26 released

yoDownet version 2012.04.26 released.

Okay, yoDownet version 2012.04.26 is out. In fact i should released yesterday but i been waiting for new features to add but i find-out waiting isn't healthy for me, why not new release now?

The main added feature is System Tray icon, that will gave user ability to hide the yoDownet MainWindow and add a new download by middleClicing on the systray icon and also the downloaded shouldn't be always on the screen, in fact the main part of downloading is that you gave url to it and leave it alone ;)... read more

Posted by Alireza Savand 2012-04-26 Labels: new-feature new-release

yoDownet version 2012.04.24 released.

yoDownet version 2012.04.24 released
Changes ;)
  • Added safe Pause/Resume download.
  • Added Multi-Urls at time, by new Add new Url dialog ;)
  • Added Remove Download from list.
  • Added Remove File From file-system.
  • Fix the progress bar issue on resume downloads.
Changes from ChangeLog :|
  • [bug-#5-issue-with-resume][ticket-5]: Fixed, now progress and remaining time will be correct.
  • [task-#14-import-multi-urls-at-time][ticket-14]: So by the current url add dialog, it's possible to add many urls at time.
  • [bug-#15-yoDownet-could-now-find-the-translations-file][ticket-15]: Fixed, by the defined Pre-Processor at qmake time.
  • [task-#16-push-the-remove-and-remove-the-file][ticket-16]: Remove the File from the file-system and database.
  • [task-#17-make-installation-little-bit-more-handy][ticket-17]: At the QMake time some Pre-Precessor variable have to be defined.
  • [task-#18-remove-addNewDlToUrlsTable-from-MainWindow][ticket-18]: Remove that useless and buggy function and implemented inside the update urlView part.
  • [task-#19-code-cleaning-on-downloader-yoDownet-class][ticket-19]: Some FIXME and variable names mess solved, remove auto keyword.
  • [bug-#20-make-urls.id-null][ticket-20]: Fix the urls.null not allowed bug, and Re-Strcuture the database and added a new field.
  • [task-#21-remove-download-from-the-download-list-only][ticket-21]: Now it's possible to remove the download just from the urls tale view|list .... read more
Posted by Alireza Savand 2012-04-24 Labels: new-features bug-fixes new-release

Pause implemented

Okay, yesterday i implement the safe pause for the downloads. and i committed to the [git repo][gitRepo]. And then i went to the [tickets][tickets] and i changed the [task-#1][pauseTask] to the fixed.

But before the switch branch from [task-#1-pause-functionality][taks-#1-branch] to [master][masterBranch] i has to Stash[stashGit] really nice new changes.
They will be committed to the git remote repo in the next days ;)... read more

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yoDownet 2012.04.20 : New Release

yoDownet is now multi-lingual.New Language is: Estonian
In this release the are alot of changes on the source code. If you go on the [git][gitRepo] you will see the project structure is completely different. This is great for making the project extendable, And it's actually [java|python]-style ;)

Here some changes From ChangeLog

  • [task-#13-translation-by-transifex][task-#13]: make the project translatable and also multi-lingual.
  • Re-Strcuture all of the project directory in [Java|Python]-Style.
  • Add Trasnlation tab in the AbouDialog.
  • Couple of utility class added for utility sake.... read more
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Tomorrow will be the day

Okay, it's been a month i didn't commit any, but i have a little bit time to start again and implement/complete Pause/Resume[PauseResume], and also there is a Estonian translation for the project that i will include it to the yoDownet.
So hmmm!

Posted by Alireza Savand 2012-03-27

New Release [2012-02-29]

2012-02-29 Alireza Savand

  • [task-#3-addRemoveFun][1]: Add remove functionality.
  • [task-#8-database-migration/schema][2]: So db schema will change in the future, why not have schema/migration tool ;)
  • [task-#9-multiple-request-at-once][3]: Okay, now user can execute multiple command/operation at once.
  • [task-#11-extending-downloads-table-headers][4]: Making download's able more customizable but intialed.
  • [task-#12-add-changelog][5]: Just done!... read more
Posted by Alireza Savand 2012-02-29 Labels: new-release new-language new-feature

New Release [2012.02.25]

2012-02-25 Alireza Savand

  • bug-fixes (#2) yodownet.cpp
  • add ChangeLog file
Posted by Alireza Savand 2012-02-25 Labels: new-release bug-fixes

ScreenShot added

I added a screenshot to the project

Posted by Alireza Savand 2012-02-22 Labels: ScreenShot

New Release, [2012.02.22]

Okay, Just for the records there no command-line *nix downloader as backend, as my side developing GUI front-end for command-line applications without any library provided is wasting the time, don't go and just execute command and retrieve it, it's like playing with your head :|. So the new change is just about using own downloader, and handling minimal support for concurrent downloading. hmmm nothing about ChangeLog or something :D

Posted by Alireza Savand 2012-02-22 Labels: new-release downloader

I dont like you!

"I don't like you anymore, you make me ugly everytime!" yoDownet says to aria2.
Go have fun with your RPC-Interface :|

Posted by Alireza Savand 2012-02-11

New Release, [2012.02.10]

2012.02.10 is the first release of the yoDownet
This version actually is dumbass version, it's too simple, but functional.

Posted by Alireza Savand 2012-02-10 Labels: new-release

tiny ass downloader

So yoDownet reach to 100 commits :|
it's not a big whoop, but it's mean i gonna release a first version after two days!
So it's gonna be depress, a downloader without any features stand front other giant ass downloaders :|

Posted by Alireza Savand 2012-01-27