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Version 0.99 is out

Added support for mouse wheel.

Posted by Yanick Champoux 2002-10-17

Ymusk on hold

Since I officially left the wonderful world of mushes (at least, for the time being), the development of Ymusk will for now be stopped. I might fix bugs and clean up things, though. And squeeze in some features, if asked reeeeeal nicely.

Posted by Yanick Champoux 2002-01-16

Ymusk v1.0 is coming

The next version of ymusk will be the fabled v1.0 (yenz). A few new (and cutely useless) features are planned to be added, and the docs to be cleaned.

After v1.0, the plan is to clean the code and turn ymusk into a pretty module (ymusk is dead, long live Ymusk.pm).

One of the most requested feature is multi-world support. I'm not sure I want to go there, but if I ever decide to bite the bullet, this will be something also targeted for v2.0.

Posted by Yanick Champoux 2001-08-31

v0.7 (ravael) is out

Many little irks fixed, new cool things added. Hooks implemented and used to get rid of ANSI symbols. Also, a first major step is taken to provide html logs (complete with CSS and such goodies).

Posted by Yanick Champoux 2000-10-27

v0.5 (valentin) is out

Yup. Another release. Any question? :)

Posted by Yanick Champoux 2000-10-12

ymusk v0.4 (alexander) is out

And one more! Users can now configure colors, put all sort of commands in the configuration file. Margin spacing has been fixed, paragraph spacing has been added. Ymusk is beginning to almost be respectable. :)

Posted by Yanick Champoux 2000-10-09

ymusk runs on Win95

ymusk v0.3 (trowa) has been tested on a Windows 95 platform using ActiveState Perl and... it works! Huzzah!

Posted by Yanick Champoux 2000-10-02

ymusk v0.3 (trowa) is out

Onemore release out. A few new features added. New release nomenclature adopted (each release is named after a character of the Fading Suns MUSH). The need for some decent documentation begins to be there...

Posted by Yanick Champoux 2000-09-29

Release 0.2 is out

Here it is, the first I-expect-it-to-work release of ymusk.

Posted by Yanick Champoux 2000-09-23

Release 0.1 of ymusk is out

The first release of ymusk is out. Since the customized Tk modules are not included, it shouldn't work on any machine except mine. But, if you are curious, here it is...

Posted by Yanick Champoux 2000-09-22