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Things done... Medium Update

Here are automatic updates for yLife 0.7.X :

- yLife 0.7.2 : Filter "Synchro" bug fixed, "CCGDB import" module improved,...

- YCD 2009-11-22 : Thanks to "CCGDB import" module, I entried 600 cards more in a week-end.

I release theses updates to be sure that there is no bugs with that new module, etc... so please, test it and help me to know if there is a problem...

As soon as I can, I will continue to update YCD =D

Posted by bismut 2009-11-22

Things done... Medium Update

Here are automatic updates for yLife 0.7.X :

- yLife 0.7.2 : Filter "Synchro" bug fixed, "CCGDB import" module improved,...

- YCD 2009-11-22 : Thanks to "CCGDB import" module, I entried 600 cards more in a week-end.

I release theses updates to be sure that there is no bugs with that new module, etc... so please, test it and help me to know if there is a problem...

As soon as I can, I will continue to update YCD =D

Posted by bismut 2009-11-22

Automatic updates availables for YCD et yLife

yLife 0.7 includes automatic updates so I've released two updates :
- YCD 2009.11.06 : Just to add "Synchro/Tuner/Psychic" support
- ylifecore 0.7.1 :
* Support of "Synchro/Tuner/Psychic" in filter (still some bugs)
* New module : Import spoiler.xml from CCGDB : It will allow YCD Team to add very very quickly set to YCD with the help of XML files from CCGDB. Just a few informations to add because YCD is a little bit more complex and complete than CCGDB.... read more

Posted by bismut 2009-11-06

yLife 0.7 out !

Well, I promised a 1.0 version but sorry, it's a 0.7...
I didn't have enough time to finish my 1.0 project version but a lot of people wanted me to relaunch the project, to make updates in YCD.

So I released my working version with some new concepts : Addons for yLife and YCD.
Next version will include addon for Imagepacks.

Posted by bismut 2009-09-29

Next will be "1.0" ! Instant Messenger included !

Hi, there will be a lot of changes in next version :
- Extensions Structure... With automatic updates, extension manager, just as the same as Firefox !
- New module : Based on XMPP/Jabber, the new module "SimpleChat" is nearly finished with : Contact list, MUC manager... everything for chatting with other players or collectionners ! A real WLM/AIM/ICQ software : Avatars, Nickname, Status, mood... You'll be able to create your Yugioh contacts easily, chat with them and meet others in MUC (Multi User Chatroom).... read more

Posted by bismut 2008-07-06

Big Update for YCD and Imagepacks...

Hi, YCD is now up to date ! 4309 US cards stored ! YCD is available via yLife or Download on sourceforge.net...
Here is a big update for Imagepacks too.

About yLife, I'm currently migrating yLife to an extension module for yLife itself. It should work, I've made several good tests. YCD will also become an Extension Module.

I think that next version could be a 1.X branch, yLife is mature enough. Branches will be determined by big updates to the core, that couldn't be upgrade by "Extensions Update Manager".... read more

Posted by bismut 2008-06-14

Working on Extensions system...

Yes, I'm working on integration of Firefox Extension System. It would be very useful for several reasons :
- YCD could become a Extension with avantages : Auto-Update, normalized for Firefox/XULRunner and not like today, because it's my own system. It could "solve" my updates problem
- yLife could also become a Extension, but it's not sure that it could be possible to interact properly between extensions
- yLife could support Extensions ! Like Firefox ! It's a great news for developpers !
- I could install and use the great XMPP4MOZ Extension, to make a "Chat" Module and a "Virtual Battle Online" Module, the ultimate objective !... read more

Posted by bismut 2008-06-02

yLife 0.6 is finally out !

You can download 0.6 for Windows and Linux. Update Manager is not working but it will give you URL updates to download and install it.
For the first time, there is a .deb for Linux. testes on Ubuntu Edgy and Hardy. It's pretty cool :)

Imagepacks are now not included in these releases, but it's a real release... You'll find it near yLife.

0.6 will be the first version to entry data in YCD in production, I think Ycdmanager is stable enough to deal with it.... read more

Posted by bismut 2008-05-16

Working on 0.6.0...

Since a few weeks, I'm working hard on yLife 0.6.0. It will introduce a new Tab System, a separation data/software to keep user data and card images in Profile Folder to resolve rights problems on Linux during updates.
Manual Update has also been debugged for yLife updates... And checkUpdates() is now very discreet and fast at loading.
There are few other changes about ergonomy in several modules.... read more

Posted by bismut 2008-04-20

Exams done, data entry

I've passed my exams, and I'm actually Math substitute teacher. As soon as I can, I'll entry data in YCD : Recent cards,... to be up to date. And as soon as finished, I'll continue yLife work :
- Update to Xulrunner 1.9b4 or superior
- Fix Update Bug that appeared recently and that's wired.

Posted by bismut 2008-03-24

yLife 0.5.6 and Exams...

Hi, you've probably seen that 0.5.6 were available but updates don't work anymore and it doesn't make any sense to me, I don't understand... You can update manually by downloading zipfile at repository adress on ycd-project.org and unzip it to your installation folder.

I plan to rewrite, or use Firefox Update Manager with XR 1.9 but I don't know how to process actually and there isn't much documentation over the web.... read more

Posted by bismut 2008-01-13

yLife 0.5.4 and YCD Manager Module in progress

Hi... You've probably seen 0.5.4 Update for yLife since a few weeks. See changelog for further details.

I'm currently working on an "YCD Manager" Module for yLife to replace YCD Manager Web Interface that is not very user-friendly.
This Module will be very very easy to use so anyone can manage YCD. I've juste finished the general interface and I'm starting to "port" functions from old YCD Manager.

Posted by bismut 2007-09-30

2 Updates and you've got yLife 0.5.2 !

If you have downloaded yLife Windows Version before 2007-09-02, there is a bug with Update Manager... You should download yLife 0.5 again that fix this problem...

If everything is alright, your Update Manager will update yLife to 0.5.2 with some minor changes :
- Added a "Delete Card" button for Fusion Deck
- Double-Click on a Deck Card will remove it now, instead of adding one examplary.
- Added an "Export YVD" button : Export a Deck in YVD (Yugioh Virtual Duel/Desktop ?) Format.... read more

Posted by bismut 2007-09-04

yLife 0.5 is out ! 3560 cards in YCD !

Hi, yLife 0.5 is finally accessible in Download Area, for Windows and Linux. It comes with YCD (3560 cards, all US Netrep Cards, and Imagepack Netrep).

I hope you'll enjoy it.

Posted by bismut 2007-08-31

WebSite, 3200 cards and yLife 0.5 in progress...

Hi, I'm working hard these days !
- First of all, there is "public" website for yLife, thanks to Sourceforge at : http://ylife.sourceforge.net
- I'm also entrying many cards in YCD : About 3200 cards right now ! All US Cards will be soon in the Database...
- yLife 0.5 is nearly finished...

As soon as I finish what I want to do in YCD, I package yLife 0.5 with YCD and Imagepacks up to date ! ! !... read more

Posted by bismut 2007-08-24

It's done : YDM become yLife on Sourceforge !

The project name "yLife" is now official on Sourceforge !

The 1st public release will be yLife 0.5 because of the YDM benefits that were 0.2.

Evolutions are important enough to get a version "0.5". So what are the News ?
- Module Card Explorer : Done !
- Module Deck Builder : Done !
- Module Preferences : Done !
What remains ? Update Manager... in "re-developpement" with some improvements :
- Updates more accurate
- Manual and Internet Updates are now reunified
- If launched at start up, no need to reboot !... read more

Posted by bismut 2007-08-03

YDM is being "integrated" in the new project : yLife

In fact, I'm working on a new branch/project : yLife ! It aims to be the Firefox of Yugioh :
- Tabs and Modules based
- Multiple instances of one module.

In developpment :
- Card Explorer (nearly finished) : with an improved filter engine
- Deck Builder : to create decks, print, import/export
- Card Trader : to manage a collection, sells,...
- Jabber Chat : Jabber-based IM to trade, to duel,...
- Online Duel : To play Yugioh online with other players.

Posted by bismut 2007-07-03

New modules in development, and YCD grows up...

I am currently busy to input data in YCD (Yugioh Card Database) to make YDM very useful for players and duellists. In fact, 2600 cards have been stored in YCD ! 98% of most decks can easily be created with YDM now !
About next version of YDM, I'm thinking about some stuffs : Save Profile (for Printing Decklist), Deck Viewer (images, drag n drop, 1st hand,...).
Finally, I'm also thinking about a new project based on YCD : an YVD-Like game, user-friendly using Jabber/XMPP.
As you can see it, I'm very busy now ^_^"

Posted by bismut 2007-06-14

YDM 0.2 is here !

New : Update Manager for data (YCD and Imagepacks) and for YDM ! Enjoy this killer-feature that works like apt-get with repositories =)
Some minor bugs fixed...

Posted by bismut 2007-05-10

Working on 0.2... Update Manager !

Since YDM 0.1 has been released, I'm working on 0.2 version that will bring a new "user-friendly" feature : An Update Manager ! Manual (by import of a .zip file) or Automatic (by connection to a free repository very easy to administrate), you will be able to update : YCD Database and Imagepacks !
This is the hottest improvement in YDM 0.2 and will bring YDM to a new development stade, more accessible for end-users...

Posted by bismut 2007-04-26

YDM 0.1 is out for Windows and Linux !

YDM 0.1 has just been released for these platforms : Windows, Linux. I can't actually release it for Mac because I didn't have one, but it's technically possible.

To use YDM, you'll need two things :
- YCD : go to www.ycd-project.org to download the last "database.ycd" (actually LOB, MRD, MRL, PSV)
- Image Pack : To see image cards in YDM.

Put "database.ycd" in chrome\content\data\databases\ and put "netrep" folder in chrome\content\data\cards... read more

Posted by bismut 2007-04-03

New deck module

I've just finished the new deck module, that is now very reactive.
Some interface modifications to make navigation clearer.
To Do : Stats module, "1st hand Simulation" module, and perhaps a deck view with card thumbnails.

I'm currently working for my exams, to be Math Teacher, so I won't be able to package a 1st public version before 1st or 2nd of April in theory. Sorry about that, but I code everyday a little bit of lines... please be patient.

Posted by bismut 2007-02-28

New (new) core for the card filter and new filter interface

Indeed, the previous one wasn't performant enough and should have been used with results limit to see no freeze. So, I recoded again the filter and now, it is very reactive : A real time filter that displays a lot of results instantly (I tested up to 2000 results on every "input text").
But there is also real improvements in the filter interface : Now, filter is dynamically genereted by user's preferences. Moreover, you can hide/show the advanced filter, and the filter reacts in function of values selected (if types checked, subtypes checkboxes appears).
To finish, the filter is more complete : the search includes "AND" and "OR" possibilities, to find for example magic OR trap cards...
So what remains ? Well, I must recode the deck module through the same way...

Posted by bismut 2007-02-19

New core for the card explorer

Indeed, some tests have been done on a bigger database (about 2000 cards) and it wasn't very good : 91 Mo in RAM and 13 to 15 seconds to display results...
A new way was testet today, based on SQlite search instead of variable test. YDM now uses only 15 Mo of RAM and needs only 3/4 seconds to respond !
Well, nice job but if it is well enough for a standard form with "Search" button, it is not for a real time search... because we loose control of interface for a few seconds.
So, in next days, I will experiment a third way to filter cards, using RDF and templates...

Posted by bismut 2007-02-03

Nearly finished...

YDM is coded up to 90-95%, the main code is done. Just a few points to finish :
- A better print preview system.
- Some basic templates (to show YDM capabilities)
- A Windows package

Posted by bismut 2007-01-29

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