Script Halting On Error

Jim hughes
  • Jim hughes

    Jim hughes - 2002-03-03

    $ ypost truck-chase.asf
    ypost v0.13

    Connecting - ok
    Posting to group: alt.binaries.test
    Posting file "truck-chase.asf", 33 parts:
    Part  1:                          Can't call method "post" on an undefined value
    at /usr/local/bin/ypost line 255, <GEN4> line 1395.

    No sure why the call is terminating. Using Cygwin.

    • TH

      TH - 2002-03-04

      Which version of Perl and Net::NNTP are you using?
      If you know Perl, you might try making $server a global variable, instead of passing it as parameter, although that shouldn't really make any difference.


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