Ed Karlo - 2003-04-30

[This is a reply to an offline question about removing the yellow border around the drawing]

I have a TODO item to change how the borders are done.

There is a 2 pixel border around each "viewport".  The idea was to separate multiple viewports from each other.  You can see this on the
example on my website (or in the distribution).

There is a 2 pixel border around the outside. The inside borders (between viewports) overlap by 1 pixel - giving a 3 pixel border.  If you click on one of the viewports in the insmech6a example it changes from yellow to blue to indicate it is the "active" view.  The toolbar commands only operate on the current active view.  Single viewport drawings also have the border, are always  active and are not highlighted in blue.

I was thinking of adding a parameter like "borderwidth=#"  which could be set to 0 to eliminate the border.  I started thinking about the border code when I added the x,yoffset and width/height code to the print functions.  I was envisioning having the ability to "tile" drawings onto an image.  The various drawings may or may not match on the edges but the borders caused a problem no matter what and is exactly the problem you have with them.  I was also thinking of adding a "bordercolor=" parameter which leads to another workaround which might be easier for you to do which is to change the border color to the same as the background (search for Yellow and Blue color sets).

I'll look into adding some border control parameters.  This would be useful and is something I wanted to add some time ago.