YB.ORM-0.3.3 released

* Add tut4.cpp: tree structure stored in a table. Fixes to make it work.
* Fixes to build under MacOSX.
* Refactor Engine classes hierarchy.
* Refactor methods Engine::insert(), Engine::update(), Engine::delete().
* Implement OrderedDict class template.
* Fix finding tables and columns by name, improve speed.
* Set FK value on linking of two objects if posible.
* Add distinct and for update flags to SelectExpr.
* Extended logging for delete_object() operation.
* DDL statements generated from Schema are now iterable.
* Rename class Filter -> Expression.
* Rename some files to follow common style and to better reflect their contents.
* Fix per request from nbuyvich: chained property references.
* Fix delete_object() to behave properly when deleting a row from a link-table (n-to-n relation).
* Fix yborm_gen: default value setter.
* Fix per request from nbuyvich: Make it work: pg1->parent->id.is_null()
Posted by Vaclav Naydionov 2013-01-02

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