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YB.ORM-0.3.2 released

* New more intuitive syntax for filters in queries:
it's done via operator overloading.
* Domain classes now have static variable 'c' for convenient
metadata referencing, useful e.g. for filtering.
* When querying a tuple of Domain classes there will be issued
a query with join of corresponding tables.
* Query object now has got methods .one() and .count()
in addition to old method .all().
* Added Tutorial3: Querying objects.
* Fix subtle bug with compiler reordering function calls that leads to
wrong parameter orders.
* Fix assertion with re-adding object into session.
* Fix: Session must always do rollback on releasing Engine.
* Auth sample: Improve App class, use theApp::instance().new_session()
for creating sessions.

Posted by Vaclav Naydionov 2012-10-01

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