YB.ORM-0.3.1 released

* Integrate native SQLITE driver for use in non-QT builds.
Now this driver is used in Windows examples by default.
Thanx to Andrey Skobenkov.
* Improved logging in the ORM core.
* Support URL for specifying connection thruout the examples
and the build system.
Now it's possible to just use --with-test-db-url option
and YBORM_URL environment variable.
* Applied patches from Sebastian Lauwers,
See closed tasks here: http://code.google.com/p/yb-orm/issues
* Fixed Session::flush_delete(): respect the depth.
* Fixed Engine::on_delete(): once prepare, many times exec.
* Cleaned up MetaData classes' interfaces for sake of convenience.
Now the generated code looks more readable.
* New class Expression replaced old Filter class.
This is the first step to develop a comprehensive query language.
* For convenience added --with-yborm-root to configure script
in Auth sample.
* Application singleton for Auth example.

Posted by Vaclav Naydionov 2012-08-24

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