YB.ORM-0.3.0 released

* New and more convenient method of access to domain object properties:
via property-proxy accessors, instead of old setters/getters.
The generated domain class code becomes much cleaner.
Property accessors are implemented for simple data types,
as well as for object references and object collections.
To implement recurrent object references there is DomainHolder class.
Take a look at ProductGroup class from examples/ex2_schema.xml.
I.e. all object references are implemented using DomainHolder, and
therefore they must be dereferenced using arrow (->), not just dot (.).
This change breaks the backward compatibility of the generated code.
* The code generator utility itself is named yborm_gen now and
and is able to produce C++ domain classes as well as SQL DDL statements.
No more need for xsltproc tool. See tutorial1 for example.
Also, internally the code generator has moved to libyborm.
* Initial support for SQLite3 dialect, via QtSql driver.
* Construct SqlSource from URL, using simple URL parser.
See examples in CHANGES file.
You can pass single environment variable YBORM_URL to Engine instance,
instead of combination of YBORM_DBTYPE, YBORM_DRIVER, YBORM_DB,
YBORM_USER, YBORM_PASSWD environment variables. This is mostly
useful for testing.

Posted by Vaclav Naydionov 2012-07-16

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