YB.ORM-0.2.5 released

The Big Change: now you can build YB.ORM against wxWidgets or QT, and use their native data structures. Boost and LibXml are not required. Look at the "configure" script options, please.
On Windows cmake script is capable of building with QT from Nokia QT SDK.
QT build utilizes native QtSqlDriver instead of OdbcDriver.
query<>() function now accepts tuples of Domain classes (boost::tuple), useful for joining tables.
New method Session::commit() = Session::flush() + Engine::commit().
Better support for compound foreign keys.
Better diagnostics when yborm_gen_domain checks schema structure.
Now the only thread that opens and closes all connections when using SqlPool is the monitor thread.
Propagate exceptions back from the monitor thread in SqlPool to report about 'failed to connect' conditions immediately.
Rename SqlConnect -> SqlConnection.
Introduce SqlCursor: an SqlConnection now may have more than one open SqlCursor (and SqlResultSet).
Fix Auth example: Fix micro HTTP server in case the client connection is closed unexpectedly. Support POST queries, other than application/x-www-form-urlencoded.

Posted by Vaclav Naydionov 2012-06-28

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