SEVERE: Error listenerStart

Philippe C
  • Philippe C

    Philippe C - 2007-12-21


    I have error message into my tomcat 5.5-25 logs file "SEVERE: Error listenerStart"
    Who could help me


    • Stephan Sann

      Stephan Sann - 2007-12-21

      Have you checked the hinds in the FAQ?

      If you report a problem please at least provide the following information:

      - Your OS
      - Your Java-Version
      - Your Servlet-container (Application-server)
      - A stacktrace of the exception
      - The mailserver (and version) you are using

      Furthermore these things would be helpful:

      - Additional infos from the logfile
      - If you can manage the mailbox-accounts on your mailserver it would help a lot if you could create a test-account for me to debug the exception (send login-data to my sourceforge-account found under\)

      Thank you!
      Stephan (a.k.a. cibes)


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