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Total re-organization is half-done.

*: Directory == Component::C1
*: foo.html == sub Component::C1::render_html_foo;

and so on.

Posted by KOBAYASI Hiroaki 2007-05-17

SVN migration is in progress.

I have just submitted SVN migration request.
This may take few hours.

Posted by KOBAYASI Hiroaki 2006-05-30

Current codes are placed as yatt.t1

Anonymous CVS will appear a few(5?) hours later.

But this code is just under construction.

Especially, Redesigning of YATT::ClassComposer
is planned just these few days.

Posted by KOBAYASI Hiroaki 2006-01-19

My first bullet.

Tomorrow, I will put my local CVS version here.
Just to share sources to my friends.
It is really pre-alpha (prototype).
It is not completed. No-docs, No-samples,
No-Makefile.PL. Even API is still evolving.

Posted by KOBAYASI Hiroaki 2006-01-18

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