Larry Stefonic - 2009-09-16


We've been making a push to bring our OpenSSL compatibility layer up to the next level of functionality.  As a part of doing that, we test the compatibility layer by trying to compile CyaSSL with other open source projects that currently use OpenSSL, see what breaks, and then fix it.

Most recently we've compiled CyaSSL into stunnel and Lighttpd.  The result is the following:

1.  We've made some great improvements to the OpenSSL compatibility layer.
2. We've now got some test builds of stunnel and Lighttpd, built with CyaSSL, available on our downloads page.

Initial tests of stunnel and Lighttpd built with CyaSSL show that they're more performant than builds with OpenSSL, but we're interested in more feedback from users.  If you're interested in checking them out, feel free to ask us for support should you need it.