Server-side Diffie-Hellman in CyaSSL

  • elsevers

    elsevers - 2010-07-29


    It appears that Cyassl has support Diffie Hellman ephemeral key exchange for the client but not the server. Am I correct on this? If so, do you plan to add Diffie Hellman support to the server code?

    Thank you,

  • Todd Ouska

    Todd Ouska - 2010-07-29

    That is correct.  We only added it on the client side because a paying customer really wanted it.  The code size increase versus the number of people wanting it on the server hasn't indicated we should add it for free yet.  In fact, you're the fist person to ask about it.  It's now on the wish list.  If we get more requests, or more likely, a paying customer wants it then we'll probably add it.


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