CyaSSL on Atheros Board Problem, or is it ?

  • Ivo Vachkov

    Ivo Vachkov - 2009-08-27

    Hello all,

    I'm using cyassl for application i'm building. Atheros embedded board should connect to a PC and exchange information.

    My PC runs as server. If I use another PC as client communication is successful. However, when I run the client part from the Atheros board i get FATAL_ERROR (-1) from SSL_connect on the board and SSL_Accept on the server.

    I can not use SSL_VERIFY_NONE as the README suggests because i actually use the subject information in my application.

    Can point possible problems/solutions. I use CyaSSL 1.0.6 with opensslExtra, without-zlib on Linux (Ubuntu 8.10, i686) and Linux (OpenWRT 8.09, mips).

    Thank you very much in advance.


    • Todd Ouska

      Todd Ouska - 2009-08-27

      After you get the -1 from SSL_connect on the board call SSL_get_error(ssl, -1) to see what the actual error in this case is.

      Are you using a CA-certificate on the board?  How are you loading it?

    • Ivo Vachkov

      Ivo Vachkov - 2009-08-28

      Thanks Todd.

      Following your advice i found out the problem. Apparently after a fresh build and with internet connection the board/linux starts counting time from Epoch ... which makes my certificates invalid. Simple ntpdate fixed the problem.

      Moral of the story: Always check what time you 'live' in :)

      Thanks again.


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