CyaSSL on iPhone (RNG)

  • Moisés Guimarães de Medeiros

    Hi guys,

    I'm working on my project for the graduation and i've got interested on doing some weird stuff for my iPhone.
    Since the graduation is in Information Security and I've already worked with cyaSSL in the past, i'm trying to write a new RNG using the accelerometer of the gadget to be one of the sources of entropy.
    Does any one there have any idea to improve the hole thing? In the end, I'll send all the code to you guys…



  • Todd Ouska

    Todd Ouska - 2010-08-26


    Good idea.  I guess my first suggestion is to use an existing RNG and only use your new entropy source as the seed and only in the case where you have enough entropy waiting, otherwise use the devices default entropy source.  In terms of determining whether you're actually getting "random data" I'd start with Knuth's TAOCP Volume 2 Chapter 3.



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