How to verify SSL certificates?

Sajith T S
  • Sajith T S

    Sajith T S - 2008-10-24

    Using cyassl APIs, I mean.  Is this working well as of now?  Is there a working example somewhere that I can play with?

    Further, is there a way to set a key password, using cyassl API?

    • Todd Ouska

      Todd Ouska - 2008-10-28

      CyaSSL just uses the OpenSSL interface for now.  We started our own API for yaSSL but I don't think one person ever used it so we didn't expand it to CyaSSL.  If there's more interest it's something we can add.

      yaSSL has password callbacks for key files, CyaSSL doesn't since it's not usually needed in an embedded environment.  Is that something you'd need?

      • Sajith T S

        Sajith T S - 2008-11-05

        Sorry about messing up the threading again.  I seem to need some getting used to with this. :-)

    • Sajith T S

      Sajith T S - 2008-11-05

      Sorry about answering so late, I was distracted by other stuff.  I'd been trying to use the OpenSSL interface of CyaSSL, but I'm not sure it is working as I expected.  I will re-check and post with details later. :-)

      No, password callbacks are not an absolute necessity.


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