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Moved to git!

YARP Repository has finally been migrated to git! \o/

The main repository is now on GitHub. One of the reasons why we chose
it, is because it has SVN support. Therefore users that don't have time
to learn a new tool, will have a smoother transition. More info about
GitHub SVN support can be found here:

https://github.com/blog/966-improved-subversion-client-support... read more

Posted by Daniele E. Domenichelli 2013-04-19

New website

The Yarp website has been moved to a new server where we can exceed any foreseable size limit :)

Posted by Giorgio Metta 2006-10-23


Hi all,
Yarp2 is now at a reasonable level of development, there are packages available and documentation. Please visit http://yarp0.sf.net and click on "documentation".

Posted by Giorgio Metta 2006-07-14

Yarp & RobotCub

Yarp is being adopted as the standard protocol for the RobotCub project: see http://www.robotcub.org

Posted by Giorgio Metta 2006-02-24

New Yarp OS - version 2

A new version of the OS library is currently under development starting from a brand new codebase. We are still using ACE and the protocols are compatible with previous version 1. Thanks to Paul for this.

Posted by Giorgio Metta 2006-02-13

YARP & Linux

YARP now compiles properly under Linux. Not all libraries are implemented but the core is there.

Posted by Giorgio Metta 2004-02-12

Intall file for windows

New install instruction for Win32 added to the doc directory - see the repository. It's unfortunate the details still change a bit from time to time. This is a good starting point for a manual though.
Cheers to all, Giorgio

Posted by Giorgio Metta 2004-02-11

New installation readme file

Dear yarpers,
Following the many installation on Windows of these last days I've updated the instruction for installing a functional configuration. See: %YARP_ROOT%\conf\install\winnt\install.txt

Posted by Giorgio Metta 2003-12-16


Dear all,
what do you think if we start using the source forge web site to keep track of features, requests, bugs, etc? Comments on this issue are welcome...

Posted by Giorgio Metta 2003-12-14

A bit of update...

I added a few new "developers" to the web site.
There are new significant changes on the OS services support for NT and QNX6. QNX4 is discontinued unless somebody is interested in maintaining it... Things started to work on NT and QNX6!

Posted by Giorgio Metta 2003-06-20

We have a repository

I filled the CVS repository with some files. Just to start playing with something real.

Posted by Giorgio Metta 2002-09-15