#84 libdl does not exist on all unix

General (20)

Some unix have dlopen in libc (*BSD at least, Solaris I think too), and so don't have libdl. However, on this platform, yarp does not build properly, due to the unconditional call to dl. The associated patch checks for the existence of dl, and only in this case, link to this library. It fixes the build on at least NetBSD.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

  • Paul Fitzpatrick

    • assigned_to: nobody --> eshuy
    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • Paul Fitzpatrick

    Thanks for the patch! I've committed a somewhat modified version, let me know if trunk works for you. Do you have a name for the ChangeLog?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Yes, it works thanks.
    I'm Arnaud Degroote, from LAAS - CNRS arnaud dot degroote at laas dot fr.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    After speaking with some colleagues, a better patch may be to use the variable ${CMAKE_DL_LIBS}.

  • Paul Fitzpatrick

    Thanks Arnaud, CMAKE_DL_LIBS looks to be just the thing. Trunk updated to use it.


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